Coca-Cola Says Single-Use Plastic Bottles Aren't Going Anywhere

Pablo Tucker
January 25, 2020

Coca-Cola is one of the world's biggest producers of plastic waste, producing over about three million tones of plastic packaging every year.

Earlier this week, Bea Perez, Coca-Cola's head of sustainability, said that the soda giant has pledged to use at least 50-percent recycled material in its plastic packaging by 2030, and she also said that it will recycle as many bottles as it uses within the next 10 years.

"Business will not be in business if we do not accommodate customers", she explained.

For two straight years, the global Break Free From Plastic movement named Coca-Cola as the world's "top corporate plastic polluter".

The firm has pledged to recycle as many plastic bottles as it uses by 2030, according to the BBC report. "So, as we change our bottling infrastructure, and move into recycling and innovation, we also have to show the consumer what the opportunities are".

"Business will not be in business if we do not adapt customers", Coca-Cola's senior vice-president for sustainability and public affairs told the BBC. "They will change with us", said Ms Perez.

Likewise, Quincey told Reuters in November 2019 that "a recycled PET bottle has a much lower carbon footprint than an aluminium can or a returned glass bottle". The company has promised to work around the world to streamline bottle collection and reduce waste.

Perez also agreed that Coca-Cola should reach its sustainability goals sooner than 2030.

"We have to reach this goal and we will - there's no question".

"Recent responsibilities by corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo to cover the catastrophe unfortunately continue to rely on fictitious answers such as replacing plastic with newspaper or bioplastics and relying heavily on a busted worldwide recycling method", Abigail Aguilar, Greenpeace Southeast Asia plastic campaign coordinator, stated in a press release in October this past year, declaring Break Free From Plastic's report.

She added: 'Do they really think the public enjoy seeing beaches and landfills covered in plastic waste, killing marine life and degrading into toxic microplastics that are now in our food?

"Their continued reliance on single-use plastic packaging translates to pumping more throwaway plastic into the environment".

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