Black Shark 3 May Launch With 16gb Of Ram

Yolanda Curtis
January 14, 2020

Moreover, if memory management is introduced properly any individual can use the device easily for a few years to come. However, it might take a hit on battery life, and it is expected to make a lot of noise in the smartphone industry for being the first smartphone with 16GB RAM.

This data is collected from a Twitter account named @Sudhanshu1414 and it contains few pieces of information about a Black Shark device. The Certification couldn't reveal much about the upcoming smartphone but showed it will be featuring 5G support.

It is being said about Black Shark 3 that this phone will have RAM up to 16 GB and it will have Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 processor.

Chinese gaming smartphone company Black Shark launched its flagship gaming smartphone, the Black Shark 2 Pro, in China previous year. Considering the Black Shark2 Pro came with a 6.39-inch display with an FHD+ screen we can expect a similar-sized display with an FHD+ screen. Launching before the phone constantly about the information leaks are to be. Black Shark 3 is expected to be introduced. If this is the case, the company may also have to release the 5G-free version of the model in the future. Estimators argue that the addition of a new 5G, as well as a higher RAM, would result in a higher price. And now, new rumors suggest that it might be the first smartphone to feature 16GB RAM. Normally, you can perform any tasks smoothly on your device with just 4GB of RAM for Android smartphones.

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