4-Year-Old Iowa Girl Blinded After Contracting the Flu

Henrietta Brewer
January 15, 2020

A 4-year-old Iowa girl was blinded and almost died after catching the flu, according to a report. "I really didn't. Just from looking at her, I really honestly didn't think I was going to see her".

Now, Phillips is urging other parents to get their children vaccinated, which cannot only prevent them from getting the flu, but can also offer protection from extreme outcomes like Jade's if they do get sick. Likewise, Dr. Alexander Bassuk, director of the Division of Pediatric Neurology at the hospital that treated Jade, spoke to Good Morning America and said that it is possible for young children to recover their sight. Phillips stated she acquired her daughter vaccinated final March however didn't get her vaccinated once more this season, hoping the sooner vaccination can be ample.

Her mum said she thought she was going to die.

Jade DeLucia, who hasn't had a flu shot this season, got the flu a few days before Christmas and spent nearly two weeks in the intensive care unit of the Stead family children's hospital. the University of Iowa.

Since the flu virus changes year to year, the vaccine also changes.

On Christmas Day, Jade's parents were told the flu had affected their child's brain.

While the flu vaccine is only about 40-60% effective at preventing the flu, according to the CDC, it can be incredibly powerful in reducing complications of it, reducing the chances of hospitalization and even death.

"It's your child. You know, you want them to live a long and healthy life, to do whatever you can to make that happen", said Phillips.

A December survey found 37 percent of Americans said they did not plan on getting a flu shot during flu season.

After being prescribed steroids, the swelling went down in Jade's brain.

DeLucia was hospitalized for more than two weeks, during which time she developed encephalopathy and lost her vision, according to NBC.

Doctors wretchedness 4-one year-old fashioned Jade DeLucia might well simply on no myth peep again as a result of the flu. "In about three to six months, we will know".

She may also develop other lingering problems, such as learning or cognitive difficulties, her neurologist told CNN.

The 2019-2020 flu season - which is already growing as much as be one of many worst the US has seen in years - has been notably unsafe to children. "Whatever recovery she is at after six months, that's likely all she's going to get". Flu vaccines become available in late summer, and the CDC recommends getting one by the end of October to protect yourself from the flu in the coming winter. This is because the predominant virus has been influenza B, which affects children more than adults.

According to public health officials in Idaho, at least two children have died from influenza-related causes, the Idaho Statesman reports. But, she adds, she didn't know she was supposed to vaccinate her daughter again at the start of the new flu season.

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