South Western Railway strike: 27-day walk out begins

Andrew Cummings
December 6, 2019

The impact is expected to affect commuters and Christmas guests before the holiday season.

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A Corbyn Govt would do it important more uncomplicated for its union allies to mount strikes because it plans to utilize away numerous constraints which own been imposed on them by successive governments since 1980, resembling limits on picketing and requirements to reach a undeniable turnout in ballots for industrial action.

Here's what you need to know ...

However Clare Moriarty, permanent secretary for the Department for Exiting the European Union and a former director general of the rail executive in the DfT criticised SWR for running short formation trains.

The union argues that guards should look after the operation of doors on trains and carry out other safety functions, and has previously accused the company of "carving up" the role of the guard and stripping it of any safety responsibilities.

"Not only is SWR on strike today but they have also chose to reduce the number of carriages on their trains!"

'There is no rational explanation for the company position and we can only assume that either they or their paymasters in Government want this strike action to go ahead for politically motivated purposes. Rammed train, also very late train.

"The union and the traveling public are forming - and it stinks".

The train firm has insisted guards would be kept on trains by moving them to customer-facing roles, but the RMT argues this poses a safety risk to passengers.

"What we are not prepared to do is the necessary modernization of the service, which improves performance, safety and customer service, that our new fleet of modern commuter trains will offer in a vital way to our customers".

"We know our passengers will welcome over 10 million more passenger journeys a year arriving on time and this much-needed improvement to our service is too important to compromise".

But why are workers striking?

The final strike will take place from Friday, December 27th at 11:59 pm on January 1st, 2020.

He added: "This strike is exclusively about protecting safety and accessibility on SWR trains".

About 30 union members formed a picket line outside Waterloo station in London next to a large banner that read: "Keep the guard on South Western Rail".

Early on Monday morning, SWR said in a statement on Twitter: "RMT strike starts today and we will be running an amended timetable until the New Year".

"Advanced services will be more congested than usual and there may be queues at stations, so please plan your trip in advance".

There are fewer trains on principal SWR routes, and buses are replacing trains on a number of local lines. What makes this doubly absurd is that Great Western Railway (GWR), also runs trains through our station but hardly any of them stop here.

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