Samoa's unvaccinated to show red flags at home

Cheryl Sanders
December 4, 2019

"Drivers made a decision to organise a special fundraising to encourage their team, many of whom have family in Samoa, to show their support by wearing a colourful shirt to work", Mr Snelgrove says.

Samoa declared a state of emergency in November to fight the outbreak and vaccinations at the moment are obligatory.

All schools are closed and children under 17 are banned from public gatherings.

Figures from the World Health Organisation and UNICEF indicate fewer than 30 percent of Samoan infants were immunised previous year.

"Let us work together to encourage and convince those that do not believe that vaccinations are the only answer to the epidemic", Prime Minister Malielegaoi said.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her country was doing all it could to help curb the epidemic, including sending more than 50 medical professionals and thousands of vaccines to Samoa.

Some persons are reportedly peddling false therapies. With a local businessman, Fritz Alaiasa Neufeld, claiming that his "Kangen Water" product, filtered tap water, could relieve the symptoms of Measles.

Immunisation is compulsory under a state of emergency imposed last month and officials asked unvaccinated families to identify themselves.

Nevertheless, each worldwide locations have far greater vaccination charges - greater than 90% in each global locations - and have thus far not reported any deaths.

The Tonga women's rugby team were put in quarantine on Thursday after a measles outbreak.

In patients without the vaccine and those with compromised immune systems, measles can lead to serious complications like blindness, severe diarrhea and dehydration, severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia, and encephalitis, an infection that causes brain swelling. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in April that the number of cases reported globally quadrupled in the first three months of the year compared to the same period in 2018.

Most branches of government will close on December 5 and 6. After several days, a rash develops that starts from the face and upper neck, and slowly spreads downwards. It can be deadly, especially if it causes pneumonia in the lungs or encephalitis (swelling in the brain).

It's estimated {that a} world whole of 110,000 individuals die from measles every year.

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