Riot Games to Pay Out $10 Million in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Andrew Cummings
December 3, 2019

Every female employee that has worked for League of Legends developer Riot Games in the last five years will receive payment from a proposed $10m Dollars settlement fund, following a class action lawsuit alleging "gender discrimination in pay and promotion, sexual harassment, and retaliation against women working at" the company.

The embattled company is set to pay out settlement cash to female employees at Riot Games over the last five years.

The lawsuit was settled in August, but new court documents have revealed the details of the settlement. The company has worked hard over the past year to address the culture of sexism, creating a new recruitment, hiring and promotion structure, bringing in third-party culture consusltants and creating a new diversity director role, as well as adding women in leadership roles. The payout for this gender discrimination class-action lawsuit is one of the largest in California's history, says the plaintiff's lawyer. This included hiring Frances Frei, who was lauded for her work at Uber in cleaning up similar internal company issues, to the company's new Diversity and Inclusion and Culture Strike Team, and later Angela Roseboro as Riot Games' first chief diversity officer. The court has yet to approve the agreement, which the company and the plaintiffs have agreed.

Onur Tamer, METAI General Manager at Riot Games, said: "We are delighted to announce the fantastic music line-up for the first Riot Games tournament in region". The claim, which picked up class-action status, additionally blamed Riot Games for denying outspoken women promotions - in any event, demoting them on occasion - and expelling their benefits. Full-time employees are also getting more money than contractors.

Game Workers Unite, which is trying to create a union for video game developers, tweeted its support for Riot's settlement and women. Rosen Saba has represented the plaintiffs since the class-action lawsuit was filed on November 5, 2018.

The company has about 2,500 employees. Following the Google walkout, the company agreed to do away with forced arbitration entirely.

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