Riot Games reveals new publishing label, Riot Forge

Yolanda Curtis
December 6, 2019

The idea is to work with partner developers on games based on the League of Legends IP in addition to all the projects they have going internally.

League of Legends studio Riot Games recently announced plans to move beyond the mega-MOBA League of Legends with a pile of new games including a fighting game, an FPS, a card game, and even a management sim. With Riot Forge, not only will we get new games from Riot itself, but a multitude of devs, each with their own creative style.

The group will focus on "developing completable game experiences" that target users who want to engage with the League of Legends lore in different genres and on various platforms.

We're excited to welcome @riotgames to #TheGameAwards for the first time!

Riot Forge will work closely with third-party developers to help facilitate the creation of "fun, compelling and unique game experiences in their own voice".

The goal of Riot Forge is to create "bespoke competeable game experiences" where players can immerse themselves into Runeterra more so than ever before.

The games are created to be "memorable experiences", taking League of Legends fans down different storylines in the game and exploring different sides to everyone's favorite champions. Riot says there are "multiple titles in development", and provided quick looks at them via concept art, which you can view in the gallery below.

Riot Forge, as it's being called, will complement the company's research and development program.

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