Reddit Uncovers Russian Interference Campaign Ahead Of UK Election

Cheryl Sanders
December 10, 2019

In its own investigation, Reddit concluded the unredacted 451-page document had been posted to the site as "part of a campaign that has been reported as originating from Russian Federation".

'The factors are that those documents indicate precisely what the British Authorities changed into doing in discussions with Donald Trump's administration in the United States of America and likewise why the Top Minister has refused to open the document on Russian interference in British politics, which he's been sitting on for a extremely long time'.

Johnson has repeatedly denied that claim while Trump, who in July said the NHS would be on the table in trade talks, said last week he would not be interested in the health service even if it was offered to him by Britain on a "silver platter".

A bit like journalists never reveal their sources, Labour are quite happy to focus on what these documents say rather than where they come from.

Corbyn has not revealed how his party obtained the documents but defended the decision to use them.

Reddit said it had banned 61 accounts following an investigation of suspect activity.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, left, and Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a head to head live Election Debate at the BBC TV studios in Maidstone, England, Friday Dec. 6, 2019.

The Reddit accounts were removed after social media research firm Graphika Inc. published a blog on December 2 saying that hundred of pages of leaked documents on trade between the USA and United Kingdom were amplified online in a manner "closely" resembling tactics used in the Secondary Infektion campaign.

Earlier this week, network analysis firm Graphika Labs linked the leak of the documents and the posts on Reddit from a month before to techniques used by a Russian influence campaign on Facebook dubbed "Secondary Infektion" that had been uncovered in June.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Saturday that "this is such nonsense".

Mr Corbyn changed into requested about the claims at some point of a campaign discuss over with to Barry, South Wales. We believed those documents to be correct and nobody until yesterday denied the correctness of those documents.

Notably, according to the latest survey, conducted by YouGov poll, two-thirds of Labour Leave voters said that they could support leaving the European Union with Johnson's deal, an outcome that, if true, would dash Labour's hopes of gaining a majority in the upcoming election.

"Of course there should be no interference in our British political system by (US President) Donald Trump or the Russians".

Labour says the documents show the NHS would be at risk under a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

Mr Johnson was asked about the dossier while visiting a Tory/Lib Dem marginal in Cheadle, near Stockport.

The government has already launched an investigation alongside the National Cyber Security Centre, but speaking on Saturday, Mr Johnson said it was important for a probe to "get to the bottom" of the leak. "I'm afraid it was just another distraction from the void at the heart of Labour's policy on Brexit and that still remains with five days to go until this crucial election", he responded.

Meanwhile, Jo Swinson has insisted she'll remain Liberal Democrat leader, regardless of the party's fortunes at the General Election.

"The Prime Minister has answers to give, which he refuses to do, about Russian donations to the Tory Party or the report that he is sitting on about Russian interference in British politics", said Corbyn. "He is keeping it secret and it has to lead people to wonder what he has got to hide".

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