Prince Charles demands Andrew be ‘open and honest’ about Epstein ‘issue’

Carla Harmon
December 2, 2019

"However, I see her and the Wessexes [Prince Edward and wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex] continuing to visit patronages and all under the reign of Charles like the Kents [the Queen's first cousin Prince Michael of Kent and his family] and Glouchesters [more of the Queen's cousins] have done under the Queen's reign - as non-working royals", she adds.

Prince Andrew has denied that he did anything wrong and promised to help USA law enforcement with their investigation.

"It was a really scary time in my life", Giuffre says in the interview.

As Radar readers know, the Duke of York announced his resignation following the shocking BBC interview where he discussed at length his relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged sex victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Maxwell was identified as Epstein's protector, procurer, and madam over the years, allegedly helping him build a sex-trafficking operation.

Charles, the particular 71-year-old inheritor to the throne, offers ordered the assembly along with his scandal-scarred sibling earlier than Monday evening' s BBC particular with key accuser Va Roberts Giuffre, the Sunday Reflection mentioned.

Charles' decision also comes as the UK's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke out to say he thinks the royal family is too big.

The duke has faced a growing backlash following an interview with BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis about his friendship with the U.S. financier.

"I think the issue of family size and everything they do, but I think the general public would like to see such changes and the debate over Prince Andrew's behavior has brought that to reality." before, "said Corbyn".

The Duke of York has rejected her claims.

It claimed leaked emails revealed the prince was "quietly plugging" a private Luxembourg-based bank, owned by the Rowland family.

Giannelloni alleges that she was not searched, nor asked to sign in, before her appointment at the palace in 2000, which was booked by Prince Andrew's then assistant Charlotte Manley.

The newspaper also alleged that in an email exchange with the prince, when he was faced with losing his envoy role because of the Epstein scandal, Jonathan Rowland suggested their commercial activities could continue "under the radar".

Last month The Sun reported there is renewed talk behind palace walls the Queen will retire in 18 months when she turns 95, the age at which Prince Philip withdrew from public life.

Prince Andrew is allegedly one of the highest-profile members of U.S. sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's inner circle.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: "The Duke of York was the UK's special representative for worldwide trade and investment between 2001 and July 2011 and in that time the aim, and that of his office, was to promote Britain and British interests overseas not the interests of individuals".

The spokesman for Charles declined in order to remark to the paper.

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