Mortal Kombat 11's Joker Gets A Much-Needed Makeover

Yolanda Curtis
December 15, 2019

The world of Mortal Kombat would experience even more fearsome and deadly battles soon with the arrival of one character: the super-evil Joker.

The character's previous MK outing was in 2008's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, a dedicarted cross-over game - so it's been a while.

However, the player on the opposite platforms would require coordinate outside of the game ecosystem to meet up in a specific Crossplay Online Room to play against each other.

There's no word if cross-play will come to PC or other platforms when it's ready for launch, but it's not looking very likely.

The company also noted that progress for your fights will remain "exclusive to the platform and account" you're playing on, and that information can not be transferred over between platforms. This patch may have just prepared the game for the feature's arrival in the future.

Designated Krossplay Online Rooms will provide a central location for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to manually meet up and fight against other players on opposite platforms in Online Kasual game modes.

It's possible that the feature wasn't meant to go live quite so early, as the official patch notes on Mortal Kombat's support website don't mention it at all.

How do I identify which platform someone is playing on from the Leaderboard or in Versus?

More and more games are beginning to support cross-play on PlayStation 4, now that Sony is allowing it again.

The way it works is fairly simple: enabling the Krossplay option via the Online menu will open up matchmaking to any player on Xbox One or PS4 in Online Kasual modes. Please note, while all reports are reviewed and investigated, we will not be able to discuss disciplinary actions taken against other player profiles.

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