Melania Trump highlights 'Spirit of America' for holiday decoration theme

Cheryl Sanders
December 3, 2019

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled this year's White House Christmas decor, announcing the theme "The Spirit of America", which is a tribute to USA traditions, customs and history.

This isn't the only mini White House on display, as towards the end of the video Melania adjusts tiny festive wreaths on a gingerbread White House, while bakers look on.

The first lady tweeted a short video of herself admiring the decorations and applying some finishing touches as she strolled around the White House. Users of the popular social networking website were quick to share their awe and appreciation for the American-themed elegance on display in our nation's capital.

The White House previewed the decorations for journalists on Monday before Trump and the first lady were to depart for London. Continuing on the youth theme, among the Christmas tree ornaments there are also dominos and playing cards with cute animal designs on them.

Author and designer Coleen Christian Burke has worked with several First Ladies to bring together their unique vision of Christmas at the White House.

The cake features 200 lbs. of gingerbread dough, 125 lbs. of pastillage dough, 35 lbs. of chocolate, and 25 lbs. of icing.

A decorated tree stands next to the portrait of President George Washington in the East Room.

A fireplace mantle in the Green Room. It is decorated with handmade paper flowers, and the décor on the Blue Room tree pays homage to the distinctive floral emblem of every state and territory.

The East Colonnade of the White House is lined with double rows of see-through panels etched with more than 60 examples of American design, innovation and architecture, ranging from the Woolworth Building in New York City to the Space Needle in Seattle.

As is tradition, volunteers from all 50 states descended on the White House like elves, hanging the 800 feet of garlands, tying 15,000 bows and stringing more than 2,500 strands of lights.

Ornament detail on a tree in the East Room.

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