Man killed by handmade device he made to protect his home

Cheryl Sanders
December 2, 2019

Police say a ME man was shot to death by a homemade security device in his home.

Van Buren police said they were called to Ronald Cyr's home on Thanksgiving Day in the early evening after he called 911 to report he had been shot.

"Regretfully, Mr Cyr succumbed to the accidents he sustained from the gunshot".

On Wednesday, Reundi Juarez of Pilot Point, Texas, was arrest after an improvised explosive he was using in an attempt to booby trap his home went off. Police also found an explosive device in his auto and a setup on his front door meant to hurt intruders.

The Maine State Police Bomb Squad responded to help dismantle the plethora of homemade traps, police reported.

ME state law allows the use of deadly force against intruders in some cases, but the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that lethal booby traps are generally illegal, The Washington Post reported.

Police later determined the shooting was the result of Cyr unintentionally triggering the device.

There have been other cases of booby-trapped houses in the US.

In September 2018, an IL man died after opening a neighbor's shed that had been rigged with a shotgun, BBC News reported.

The definition of booby trap is a concealed or camouflaged device that can cause bodily injury when triggered.

Federal Bureau of Investigation brokers came upon a round scorching bathtub related as much as a tripwire, a fortified entrance door, animal traps and a wheelchair rigged with a shotgun that went off, attacking an agent within the leg.

Rigging homes with devices that can harm people is illegal in Canada.

Injury can lead to lawsuits.

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