Joshua: I'll Definitely Be Beating Ruiz To The Punch Tomorrow!

Ross Houston
December 7, 2019

After the weigh-in, Joshua, 237 pounds as of Friday, noted that the weight difference was significant, but exuded easy confidence nonetheless.

While Joshua's relatively minor weight loss comes as no surprise, the extent that Ruiz appears to have piled on the pounds must surely cause concern amongst his Mexican supporters.

On the other hands, his opponent Andy Ruiz weighs in at 283lbs, 15lb heavier than the first fight.

Ruiz weighed in at 283 pounds (128 kilograms) on Friday - about 15½ pounds (7 kilograms) more than he was for the first fight in NY in June when he delivered one of the biggest heavyweight upsets in recent history.

Anthony Joshua appears to be in good shape for his much-anticipated rematch with Andy Ruiz after the British-Nigerian born pugilist weighs in at 237lbs.

But the fighter isn't concerned about his physical conditioning, despite what the scales said. "I already had ate breakfast, lunch and dinner".

"A lot of people are saying that I came overweight or this and that". I probably put on like 10 pounds (4.5kg) just eating and drinking normally today.

"It could be a disadvantage, which is why I chose to come in a little heavier in this fight".

Joshua has shed muscle mass in order to improve his mobility around the ring. "I used my body to get where I needed but then I started realising the sweet science of the sport", Joshua said.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Joshua intimated he was happy with his weight on fight week and stated that he was "punching like a horse kicking backwards right now".

Joshua is more than 5 kilograms (11 pounds) lighter than when he lost the first fight.

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