Jackson Alexa voice arrives: Here’s how to use it

Yolanda Curtis
December 13, 2019

Sam's voice is configured to work alongside Alexa's voice, so you have to ask Sam to answer your questions by saying, "Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson". In the case of Amazon's Samuel L. Jackson voice, it probably doesn't work exactly how you'd expect: you can't just replace Alexa's default voice with the actor's voice and continue using the smart speaker or app like usual.

The skill works like any other skill - you must pay for it since it isn't free (but it's only $0.99), then enable it.

Amazon announced its Celebrity Voice Program back in September, and it's now kicked off with the Pulp Fiction actor.

How about playing rock paper scissors with Nick Fury?

Once the voice is installed, users can say, "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson", to get started. After the introductory period, it'll rise to its regular price of $4.99, so you should definitely grab it right now while it's on sale.

Once you install it, your Echo speaker/display will be able to answer in the voice of the renowned actor, just like how Google Assistant speaks in the voice of John Legend. Jackson's voice is now available as a Celebrity Voice for Alexa, and thanks to a special introductory offer, you can purchase the Alexa Skill at Amazon today for only $0.99.

The system doesn't rely completely on pre-recorded phrases; instead, it utilizes Amazon's neural text-to-speech model that imitates Jackson's voice where needed.

And the best part is, you can opt for "cursing" mode to enjoy the full Sam Jackson experience. Now, you'll hear Sam's voice when you ask about the weather, set a timer, ask to hear jokes, and more. Notably, SLJ can't handle shopping, lists, reminders, or other Skills, and his voice is English-only.

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