Iran unrest killed at least 208 people

Cheryl Sanders
December 3, 2019

Amnesty Worldwide stated Monday it believes at the least 208 folks have been killed within the protests and the crackdown that adopted.

The new figure increases the death toll by nearly 50. "This shocking death toll displays the Iranian authorities' shameful disregard for human life", said Philip Luther, research and advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International.

He called on the global community to help ensure accountability, saying: "Those responsible for this bloody clampdown on demonstrations must be held accountable for their actions". Mills said there was a "general environment of fear inside of Iran at the moment". "It's something pretty unprecedented event in the history of the human rights violations in" Iran.

"The challenge that the Iranian economy faces is the direct result of the Iranian leadership".

It described the suburb as likely one of the areas with the highest toll of those killed in the unrest. "The Iranian leadership has failed to serve their people and continues to fail to serve their people".

Officials have put the death toll much lower. It also said some passersby and some members of the security forces were also killed. It acknowledged that the violence also killed passers-by, security forces and peaceful protesters without assigning blame. It said it then crosschecked the information.

Amnesty offered no breakdown for the deaths elsewhere in the country though it said "the real figure is likely to be higher".

"We receive lots of information, sometimes from sources that we're unfamiliar with", Mansoureh said. "And they're killing a lot of people". It said authorities also have forced some families to make "extortionate payments" to have the bodies of their loved ones returned to them.

Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in London, Trump was asked if the USA supports Iranian protesters in what has become the country's deadliest political unrest in decades.

The petrol price demonstrations rapidly turned violent faster than any previous rallies in a sign if the widespread economic discontent which has gripped the country since May 2018 when Donald Trump imposed crushing sanctions after unilaterally withdrawing from Tehran's nuclear deal with world powers.

The true figures for the number killed are not clear, "I've seen numbers that vary from as few as a hundred to many times more than that, that have been killed by the Iranian Security Forces", Pompeo concluded.

A few minutes after saying he wouldn't comment, and then immediately denying US support for the protesters, the president reversed himself, tweeting, "The United States of America supports the fearless people of Iran who are protesting for their FREEDOM".

Iranian protesters gather around a fire during a demonstration against an increase in gasoline prices in the capital Tehran, on November 16, 2019.

Videos that have surfaced since purport to show scenes from the crackdown that followed, including footage of security forces firing at unarmed demonstrators or beating them with batons.

Meanwhile, the governor of a Tehran suburb that saw demonstrations openly acknowledged in a video interview with the state-owned IRAN newspaper that she ordered police to shoot protesters if they stormed her offices.

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