Google Assistant's Interpreter mode knows 44 languages

Yolanda Curtis
December 13, 2019

Some of these features will come with new app updates but still require new code in place on the phone itself. Previously available on Google Home and Nest devices, it will now work on any Android or iOS phone running the Google Assistant.

The first Feature Drop brought some of the Pixel 4 features like Live Caption and Flip to Silence to older Pixel phones along with a set of "real" new features like photo editing after the fact, a better Duo camera that follows your face, and actual real Robocall screening. Just open Assistant and tell it you want to do some translating.

The interpreter mode in Assistant defaults to the "auto" setting, which listens for speech and translates it instantly to the chosen language. With smart replies, responding to translated conversations can be quick and easy. You can tap one of these to have it translated for the other party. Interpreter mode is a real-time translation feature that will allow you to have a back and forth conversation with someone speaking a foreign language. It can even use your location to make sure it chooses the right regional dialect-think standard French versus Quebecois French. Google's AI-powered assistant will then provide translations that you can hear and see on your phone. Again, you don't have to download anything ahead of time. It won't need to be especially fast, but the text still has to get to Google's servers. It is great to see Google releasing this to smartphones, I intend to try it out on my Fiancee's cousins from Scotland this Christmas, what about you?

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