Google Assistant now adds support for third party note apps

Yolanda Curtis
December 8, 2019

The time has finally come with integration for Google Keep and three other services being rolled out today, while Assistant is picking up two voice options for photos and podcasts.

Given this integration was originally launched at Google's I/O event back in 2018, it has taken a while for this new function to be made available to users. In the early days of the Google Assistant, this feature was pretty good-your lists were created in Google Keep, a fully featured note-taking app. The feature works across phones, smart speakers with Assistant and Smart Displays.

Once connected, lists created from your Assistant device will appear in that app. Keep is one of Google's most underrated apps, with excellent note creation and organization, but the lack of Assistant support was a major bummer, especially as it got faster and more powerful. You can now manage notes and lists in select third-party apps, ask Assistant to search your photos, search for podcasts by topic and set reminders for the whole family.

"Add Chromebook to my holiday gift list".

Google published a blog post titled "5 ways to beat holiday stress with the Google Assistant" and #1 is "Stay organized with notes and lists".

To see if you have this option available, you open the Google Assistant settings and go to the "services" tab. If you're like me and still see the "Shopping List" section instead of "Notes and Lists", you haven't been upgraded yet.

Additionally, the Google Assistant can already find your photos by location and date.

Google just added a handful of voice control features to Google Assistant. The Google Express-hosted shopping list turned your shopping list into a big advertisement for Google Express, adding search links next to all your items, encouraging you to order them online through Google's $95-a-year shipping service. For example, you can ask the assistant to "find a podcast about holiday cooking, and Google will present you with the right one".

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