Google adds spam detection and verified business SMS to Messages

Yolanda Curtis
December 13, 2019

Going forward, you'll get verified messages from businesses, when you ask for account help, plus Google is going to flag messages as spam if they suspect any foul play.

As 9to5Google noted today, Android users reported their phones sent out text messages on their own over the past few months. It also states, "Google is re-verifying the phone# of this device". Verified messages will show you the companys name and logo in the chat window. When we re-verify, you might get text messages from Google or see outgoing texts to Google.

This next feature isnt entirely new, but Google is now rolling it out more widely across the US.

In the past month or so, Google has turned on RCS for all U.S. carriers within its own Google Messages app. Users who havent already activated it should update both the Messages and Carrier Services apps.

Google did not reveal the cost of Verified SMS which is already being used by its Indian payments service, and three financial institutions worldwide as well as large flower delivery company and travel search engine Kayak. Also, Google Pay India and verification codes from Google will be part of the Verified SMS program, but more businesses are signing up to use the new feature quite often.

Verified SMS is being rolled out starting today to nine countries: the US, India, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada. This feature works by showing a notification bar at the top of the Messages app when the app believes a newly-received message contains the markers of a classic SMS spam text. Google promises that it doesn't save messages, but most providers make no such claims, making it hard to fully trust that your messages are for-your-eyes-only.

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