Federer to be celebrated on Swiss coin

Ross Houston
December 4, 2019

Exhibition match - Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev - Plaza Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico - November 23, 2019 Switzerland's Roger Federer reacts during his exhibition match against Germany's Alexander Zverev.

The face of the 20-time Grand Slam victor will be minted on the silver coin, which is expected to be issued on January 23, 2020.

Tennis great Roger Federer is to become the first living Swiss to have a coin minted in their honor, with a commemorative 20 franc ($20.06) silver piece bearing his image being issued in January.

Next year, he will also be represented on a 50 franc gold coin.

The government says the 20-year-old Grand Slam champion is "Switzerland's most successful athlete, he is also Switzerland's ideal ambassador".

The government added that Federer is "probably Switzerland's most successful individual sportsman".

In a statement posted on the Swiss Federal Government's website Monday, Swissmint said it'll be the first time in its history that it is dedicating commemorative coins to a living person.

The image of Roger Federer preparing his emblematic reverse shot with one hand will adorn a 20 Swiss franc silver coin.

The "heads" side of the coin shows Federer holding a racket with a tennis court being pictured on the background.

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