Evacuation Slide Falls Off Plane Onto Resident’s Front Yard, Man Escapes Unhurt

Andrew Cummings
December 3, 2019

Leguia was chatting with a neighbour when she saw it fall.

Wenhan Huang was working on his yard when a massive, inflatable slide fell from the sky all of a sudden. No one was injured by the falling object.

Huang called Milton police, who reported the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration and sent someone to retrieve the slide. Delta maintenance crews have since removed the slide from Leguia's backyard.

"The escape slide did not inflate but instead came down in a compact bundle weighing about 100 pounds, " Lynch said.

It turns out the 6-foot silver slide came from a Delta Air Lines flight as it headed towards Boston's Logan International Airport.

An evacuation slide that fell from a jetliner into the yard of a suburban home narrowly missed crushing a man who was doing some gardening at the time.

Massachusetts Port Authority spokesperson Jennifer Mehigan confirmed that the slide detached from the wing of the Delta plane, also noting that the flight landed at Logan International Airport safely.

A Delta Air Lines spokeswoman tells the Boston Herald that the uninflated slide fell from a flight from Paris to Boston around noon Sunday.

Nobody was hurt and Delta recovered the slide.

Despite giving those it almost hit a shock, it isn't entirely surprising that the slide fell over Milton. Just last week a committee of residents submitted a noise complaint as the aircraft fly so low, they leave ash and soot in their wake and wake residents during the night.

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