Comey: 'Real sloppiness' in Russia probe but no misconduct

Cheryl Sanders
December 16, 2019

Former FBI director James Comey admitted Sunday that he was "wrong" - and Inspector General Michael Horowitz was right - about the agency's sloppy handling of FISA applications for warrants against a former Trump campaign official.

Former FBI Director James Comey joins Chris Wallace for an exclusive interview on 'Fox News Sunday'. The announcement set Trump off.

Comey struggled throughout the interview to defend the FISA abuse by the FBI during the investigation of the president's campaign. Still, the channel remains his go-to cable network for getting the word out to his supporters. "And I think that leaves open the possibility to infer bad faith", Barr told NBC News in the clip. Comey said "that's not been resolved". Yet, the bureau hasn't notified the surveillance court about the probe, as well as about Steele's own doubts in regards to Person 1, whom he called a "boaster" and an "embellisher". In the report, the inspector general said there was no documentary or testimonials implying that the investigation was started due to political bias.

The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded that the FBI opened the Russian Federation investigation for a legitimate reason and was not motivated by partisan bias when it did so. Seventeen things that either should have been in the application or at least discussed and characterized differently.

The FBI is taking more than 40 steps to fix those problems, he said.

Wallace reminded Comey that Horowitz testified that the activities uncovered in his investigation "don't vindicate anybody who touched this".

Comey said Sunday that he simply meant that the report had debunked some of the gravest allegations that Trump and his supporters had made. "Full stop. That doesn't make it any less consequential, any less important, but that's an irresponsible statement".

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