Cerner taps AWS to power new AI healthcare platform

Yolanda Curtis
December 4, 2019

The company is hoping researchers and scientists will use the center to make "scientific and technological breakthroughs", including the possibility of mass-producing quantum computers, which for now are dauntingly expensive and hard to build and run.

Now, raising their hopes is Amazon's AWS wing with a new service called, Braket.

Though AWS isn't making these Quantum Computers, its adjoining with D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti, the three Quantum system makers presented under this new AWS Cloud Computing service.

"With quantum engineering starting to make more meaningful progress, customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers and explore the technology's potential", Charlie Bell, AWS' senior vice president of utility computing services, said in a statement.

This announcement marks another step in Vodafone Business' multi-cloud strategy to partner with world-leading technology providers to help customers of all sizes succeed in a digital world.

"Amazon Braket is a fully managed AWS service, with security and encryption baked in at each level", said AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr, announcing the service at the company's annual Re:Invent conference. Those interested in a simulation can experiment with qubits and quantum, the units of measurement in a quantum environment, and have calculations performed by a quantum computer.

In the past year, AWS has introduced several new fully managed AI Services like Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast that allow customers to benefit from the same personalization and forecasting machine learning technology used by Amazon's consumer business. It's a time when the race to dominate the quantum computing field is hotly contested. It takes its name from Bra-ket notation, which is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states.

With edge computing capabilities developers can build applications on the AWS platform that serve end users with single-digit millisecond latencies over the 5G network.

The AWS Center for Quantum Computing will be a research center adjacent to the California Institute of Technology that will connect quantum computing researchers and engineers to accelerate the development of quantum computing hardware and software.

And the latter one is for connecting the AWS customers with Amazon's Quantum Computing experts for developing their businesses.

Braket is not Amazon's only initiative related to quantum computing.

It is expected the lab will help all involved identify practical uses of quantum computing, and accelerating the development of quantum applications.

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