Ban Black Friday? French activists, lawmakers want to try

Pablo Tucker
December 2, 2019

Black Friday has become a worldwide sales event, despite it being in association with U.S. Thanksgiving. The workers are striking over what they say are poor working conditions and pay.

To many activists, Black Friday is the epitome of this shift, a purely commercial event created to boost US retailers ahead of the Christmas holidays, the symbol of capitalism run amok.

That echoes related warnings in different nations.

Analysis by a United Kingdom shopper affiliation discovered that 61 p.c of products marketed in Black Friday offers final 12 months have been cheaper or about the identical worth each earlier than and after the occasion.

Broadcasters in South Africa confirmed individuals ready in line to buy in one of many world's most socially and economically unequal nations. The respected weekly Mail & Guardian newspaper decried in a scathing editorial how Black Friday is used to enrich big retailers.

Others urged people to halt purchases altogether to protest the US-inspired event, such as the "Buy Nowt Friday" in Bradford, northern England, organised by artists and anti-poverty advocates. Egyptians, for example, have taken on all aspects of the occasion - except the name, because Friday is a sacred day of worship for Muslims.

The term Black Friday comes from retailers' claim that it was the day when they went from being lossmaking for the year - in the red - to making a profit - in the black. This year, sales can not be held from December 5 until January 4, when stores are allowed to clear out stock. The style business has warned that may damage smaller retailers in a rustic that depends on them closely.

Many French activists hindered an Amazon distribution center south of Paris in a Black Friday-enlivened dissent, in the midst of expanded resistance to the post-Thanksgiving deals marvel that has seen a gathering of French legislators push to boycott it by and large.

Paris is considering new rules, including a tax on deliveries, to ease the traffic jams and pollution caused by Amazon and others, Mayor Anne Hidalgo's deputy in charge of urbanism, Jean-Louis Missika, said in an open letter published on Monday.

An amendment was passed Monday that proposes prohibiting the huge sales day the was put forward by France's former environment minister Delphine Batho.

Sylvain Truc, a member of Youth for Climate protesting in Marseille, southern France, called Black Friday "the symbol of what we're trying to fight".

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