Air New Zealand is experimenting with edible coffee cups

Andrew Cummings
December 7, 2019

Niki Chave, Air New Zealand's senior manager of customer experience, says the airline will continue to trial twiice's edible coffee cups and work with the company and other partners to explore scaling options that could make it a viable long-term product for the airline.

Air New Zealand has begun serving coffee in vanilla-flavoured edible cups in an attempt to eliminate waste generated by the eight million disposable cups the flag carrier uses each year.

Air New Zealand has teamed up with a local company called Twiice, which produces the biscotti cups.

But some social media users said the airline needed to change more than coffee cups if it wanted to help the environment.

Chave noted, while the airline's current cups are compostable, the ultimate goal is to remove all cups from landfills.

The cups now being rolled out on Air New Zealand flights are vanilla-flavored and can withstand the heat of coffee without melting.

The airline has recently made the move to plant-based cups for all its aircraft and in lounges, which is expected to prevent around 15 million cups from going to landfill annually.

Holmetier hoped that the initiative would enable passengers and New Zealanders "to rethink the way we interact with anything that goes in the rubbish", reports Efe news. Also, it promises, they won't leak or crumble, saying the biscuit is "leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer".

Among the sustainability highlights, the company had removed or replaced almost 55 million plastic items with lower impact alternatives.

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