Wild Beluga Whale celebrates Boks' win by playing fetch with rugby ball

Cheryl Sanders
November 11, 2019

A video posted on Twitter shows the most incredible game fetch in which it's a beluga whale "fetching" the ball. The couple who claims to be rugby fanatics were sailing on a yacht when they spotted the whale swimming next to them.

The whale then chases the ball, returning it to the men on the boat.

In the adorable clip, which was posted to Facebook by Alon Kowen, the chipper whale can be seen playing around with the crew of the South African-built boat, Gemini Craft.

The bond between man and beluga whales just got a whole lot stronger.

New Zealand Herald reports that the video was taken by crew members aboard the Gemini Craft, which is now at sea in the Arctic Pole.

And again, the whale retrieves it.

Belugas are known to be smart and playful and often are curious towards humans and often swim up to boats, according to Sea World.

Since being shared online on Twitter a day ago, more than 4.1 million people have watched the video.

The video, while heartwarming, also means you now have one more excuse to take that trip to Antarctica you've been mulling over.

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