WhatsApp Business app gets "catalog" feature

Andrew Cummings
November 10, 2019

"This makes business owners look more professional and keeps customers engaged in the chat without having to visit a website", WhatsApp said in its blog post.

For each item a business is looking to sell, it can add information including price, description and product code and create a catalogue for customers.

The feature has been made available in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the U.S, on both Android and iOS.

According to WhatsApp, the newly added feature will make it easier for users to learn about the products and services offered by businesses on the app in both Android and iOS running devices. With this, many of you might have doubts about how to use Catalogs feature on WhatsApp Business application. Previously, businesses on the app could only share product photos and information with customers one at a time.

The only difference between WhatsApp and Instagram's e-commerce tool, Instagram allows users to pay for the product and place the order right within the app interface whereas WhatsApp's feature is more like a facilitator where users can have all the necessary information on the product.

WhatsApp further said that using this feature, people can save storage space on the phones of both the businesses and their customers as the platform will be the one hosting the information on its servers. Catalogs will act as mobile storefronts for vendors and users will be able to discover a list of goods and services provided by them.

For helping the businesses, WhatsApp has released a video guide on how to use the feature so that any business can create their own page. It will be rolled out across the world soon. Adding this, customers do not need to go to the website to check the details of the products. The name suggests that the new feature is developed to facilitate small businesses to display and share their offerings via a distinct catalog of products.

There is no option to buy things from these catalogs for now.

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