Warren Admits Medicare for All Could Lead to Loss of Jobs

Henrietta Brewer
November 1, 2019

Avoiding a direct answer whenever she has been asked about this, Warren has instead focused on saying that she would work to drive down overall health care costs for Americans. "Although do recognize on this what we're talking about, and that is in effect how much of our health care dollars have not gone to health care, how many of those dollars have been pulled out in other directions". Biden's camp is turning up the pressure on Warren as she rummages around for $30 trillion or so to pay for Medicare-for-all, something she has refused to go into detail about in debates. The plan would replace private insurance, including employer-sponsored plans, with full Medicare coverage, and individuals would no longer have to pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays or similar out-of-pocket costs. To compensate for the remaining $11 trillion, Warren has a set of proposals, including a county-by-county tax on foreign earnings of 35 percent.

And, Warren said, she'd raise another $3 trillion by adding more to the tax burden on the top 1 percent of households in America, including a straight-up wealth tax and taxing capital gains income annually.

Sanders said he has done more than 30 rallies in the state, has about 6,000 volunteers and "we take nothing for granted".

The latest poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire with CNN has Warren and Sanders leading the state. And I'm going to put out a plan on it.

More than four in 10 are dissatisfied with their health care costs and say affording basic medical care is a hardship. "Or, if they are unwilling to do that, they should concede that they think it's more important to protect the eye-popping profits of private insurers and drug companies and the enormous fortunes of the top 1% and giant corporations, rather than provide transformative financial relief for hundreds of millions of American families".

Overall views of the USA health care system have been largely consistent for many years: most want fundamental changes or a completely rebuilt system.

Regardless, moderates continue to attack Warren for her idea. She is now near the top of the pack in opinion polls, having closed in on former Vice President Joe Biden, the early front-runner.

"When fully implemented, my approach to Medicare for All would mark one of the greatest federal expansions of middle class wealth in our history", Warren wrote.

A major portion of the plan would switch employer healthcare spending to a new employer Medicare contribution, which Warren claims will actually save companies billions of dollars over the next decade.

But by releasing her plan now, she appears to have emerged from the early debates without giving her opponents the soundbite they hoped for - an admission that rates would increase. And with that loop closed, at least for now, the MA senator is on the offensive.

"We can generate nearly half of what we need to cover Medicare for All just by asking employers to pay slightly less than what they are projected to pay today", Warren wrote.

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