UK: Former speaker Bercow sticks to his views on Trump

Cheryl Sanders
November 8, 2019

He continued: "The honest answer is that I don't think it helps the UK".

During a speech in the capital, Mr Bercow stated he expected the Brexit process to rumble on further and admitted it "won't be resolved any time soon".

"I think that Brexit is the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period, and that is my honest view".

Speaking to Anadolu Agency following an event with foreign journalists in London, John Bercow said: "I made my position clear on the issue in February 2017 and nothing has changed since". I respect Boris Johnson but Brexit doesn't help us.

Throughout the Brexit process, Mr Bercow, 56, has been heavily criticised by eurosceptic MPs over a series of controversial rulings which were seen to favour the pro-Remain side in the Brexit debate.

He, however, rejected the idea he had blocked Brexit, insisting "it was Parliament" that had prevented Britain from leaving before now, "not me".

In the wide-ranging interview Mr Bercow defended his actions and said he was "championing the rights of Parliament". "Parliament is no disgrace at all and did its job well".

But Green Party candidate James Melling took to social media to say he has "every intention of representing Chorley Green Party in this election", meaning that the ballot paper for the Chorley borough looks set to be a choice between the Speaker and the Greens.

Sir Lindsay defeated former Labour colleague Chris Bryant in the final round by 325 votes to 213.

Addressing the divisive and at times bad-tempered debates over the UK's attempts to exit the European Union - with the final steps slated for right after the 12 December vote, Bercow argued the Parliament is no disgrace at all and "did its job well" in a jab at Attorney General Geoffrey Cox's remarks about the "zombie Parliament".

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