This Netflix comedy special will let you 'skip' the Trump jokes

Yolanda Curtis
November 6, 2019

EW has confirmed that the special, titled Lobby Baby, will have a "skip" button for the jokes that focus on President Donald Trump. The button itself will work much like Netflix" "Skip Intros' button, allowing viewers to choose to watch the special as a whole but to easily navigate past political humor.

According to the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers Host on NBC, he made it known that his Netflix Special would give his audience the opportunity to put in technology that would allow people to skip it.

The former Saturday Night Live star, like many of his late-night talk show compatriots, has managed to produce plenty of material from the Trump presidency over the last three years. He often criticizes Trump on his show, but Meyers said he isn't exhausted of politics yet.

"I think, look, sometimes at a fancy restaurant they'll put parsley on your plate, and you'll think, 'Well, that's a nice touch, ' but you're not going to eat the parsley", Meyers said.

Netflix comedy boss Robbie Praw told CNN Business that Meyers came to the streamer with "this clever idea" for Lobby Baby, and they jumped at the chance to include it.

Comedy fans unable to stomach one more joke about the president now have a way to separate their laughs from their politics.

Lobby Baby hits Netflix Nov. 5.

We've heard a lot about Netflix testing out controversial features in recent weeks - most notable a faster playback option to consume that sweet television content more efficiently, even if it is very much not what the creator intended. Whereas Dave Chappelle's specials have been routinely chastised on social media for insensitivity to the LGBTQ community, Netflix also hosted the widely lauded Hannah Gadsby special Nanette, a special explicitly challenging comedy's approach to marginalized communities in thoughtful, novel ways.

Meyers added that the button was just "another joke" in the show to him and he doesn't expect people to use it.

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