Spain: Socialists, Podemos aim for coalition government

Cheryl Sanders
November 13, 2019

El Diario newspaper said they would try to get other parties on board, including the market-friendly Ciudadanos, far-left Mas Pais and the Basque nationalist PNV. The elections on Sunday resulted in an even more fragmented Parliament than that constituted after Spain went to the polls in April, which will continue to complicate the formation of a stable government in this European country.

Ortuzar acknowledged that the results of last Sunday's general elections - a repetition of those held on April 28 - were hard but basically offer the same possibilities as six months ago, when Sanchez was unable to form a government.

"The Spaniards have spoken, and it's our responsibility to act to end the political blockade", said Pedro Sanchez, Spain's acting prime minister and head of the Socialist party.

The leaders of Spain's Socialist party and the left-wing United We Can party say they have reached a preliminary agreement about forming a coalition government. Even though the Party emerged to be at the top but lacked majority seats to form the government.

The right wing parties in Spain have accused Sanchez of being too soft on the Catalan independence movement.

But the announcement drew swift criticism from Ciudadanos, which seemed to immediately rule out backing a Socialist-Podemos alliance. At the time, Abascal blasted then PP premier Mariano Rajoy for not repealing measures passed by a previous Socialist government such as same-sex marriage legislation or the law of historical memory seeking to recognise those who suffered under Franco's dictatorship.

In it, he said he would not sleep at night if he formed a coalition with a party that had so "little experience of politics". The two leaders said details would come later and did not comment further.

"It no longer worries him that Pablo Iglesias will be in his government, but there are many Spaniards who will be anxious by this deal that they've just announced", Casado tweeted.

Spain's Ibex-35 index slipped by around 0.76% at 1600 GMT, having previously traded 0.3% higher on the day.

Composition of the Spanish parliament after elections on Sunday November 10.

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