South Dakota defends latest drug awareness campaign "Meth. We're on it".

Cheryl Sanders
November 19, 2019

"There's a problem in South Dakota and we all need to get on it", the posters explains.

"It impacts every community in our state and threatens the success of the next generation".

Some users online were not as enthusiastic about the campaign as Noem. Eighty-three percent of South Dakota's 2019 court admissions for controlled substances are related to meth, according to Gill.

"South Dakota's anti-meth campaign launch is sparking conversations around the state and the country", she said. "I'm not in it?" a person wrote on the campaign's Facebook picture with the slogan.

One Twitter user asked if South Dakota was actually advertising the drug as opposed to deterring its use. South Dakota´s Department of Social Services paid the agency almost $449,000 this fall, according to the state´s finances website.

"I know they're not necessarily looking for a financial return, but that's a lot of money", she said.

Twitter users in South Dakota and beyond immediately weighed in on the campaign, with some concerned it seemingly outed its own advocates as meth users and others praising the ad for its self-aware wording. You know, like solving the problem.

While the county is dealing with an increase of meth arrests, the state campaign for a good cause, turned out to be "methed" up.

In a second video, Gov. Noem added that the "I'm on meth" tagline means that "each one of us - no matter who we are - that we're on the case of meth, that we're protecting our family, we're protecting our friends, we're protecting our communities from this epidemic that we see and that we're all going to be taking some responsibility in battling it".

Given the national attention the ad campaign has garnered, Noem's goal to bring attention to the issue appears to be working. "The mission of the campaign is to raise awareness - to get people talking about how they can be part of the solution and not just the problem".

Emily Graslie wrote: 'OOF. south dakota. why are you like this.

Running with the idea, netizens helped South Dakota brainstorm additional not-so-anti-drug slogans.

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