Rescue puppy named Narwhal has an extra tail on his forehead

Cheryl Sanders
November 16, 2019

The pup was found outside in the freezing cold with an older dog, struggling with a foot injury.

An X-Ray at the vets showed the tail has no use and is not attached to anything.

Most of us love dogs, especially puppies who melt our hearts with their cute tail-wagging and "puppy face", quite literally.

Steffen now posts regular updates on Facebook and Instagram about the puppy - that has been named Narwhal - and also spoke about whether the tail would cause him any problems.

He hasn't quite chased his tail yet - which may prove troublesome for the little guy - but listen, he's doing his best.

An abandoned puppy named Narwhal is breaking the internet for a very unique reason: it has an extra tail on its face.

The rescue puppy with the tail growing out of his head will have to wait to find a forever home, because the shelter's anxious some folks applying to adopt him might have the wrong motives.

The tail does not bother Narwhal, but vets are keeping an eye on him anyway.

Mac's Mission has been inundated with requests from people looking to adopt Narwhal, however, he is not yet old enough to be released.

Some people wondered if Narwhal can wag its forehead tail.

"He seems totally wholesome other than some normal pup worms he got meds for", said the group in a Fb put up.

The unicorn puppy was nicknamed as "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn" by the staff of the charity. "We deal with such special animals here that we like to let them keep their uniqueness".

Because the nonprofit life-saving efforts are strictly grassroots through social media, Steffens explained that Narwhal's story getting so much attention has been "majorly epic for so many new folks to find out about our little awesome rescue". We think he appreciates not being outside in this bad freezing snow mess.

And the popularity of photos of Narwhal on Facebook had helped raise awareness of the rescue centre's work.

The group's website says, "We specialize in special".

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