Pompeo: US Will Terminate Iran Sanctions Waiver for Enrichment Plant Fordow

Cheryl Sanders
November 19, 2019

Iran has recently stepped up uranium enrichment at the facility.

In October, the Trump administration renewed waivers for three specific projects: centrifuge work at the Fordow facility, work at the Arak heavy water reactor, and the transfer into Iran of highly enriched uranium.

Large protests in many major cities across Iran are focused on an increase in gasoline prices, but U.S. officials are hoping to restructure them as a US-backed call for regime change. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was quick to endorse such protests.

More specifically, each individual project is unjustifiable and unsafe, in part because each gives Iran cover to keep facilities open and engage in illicit activities.

President Donald Trump previous year withdrew from the denuclearization accord and reimposed sweeping sanctions on Iran, aiming to inflict economic pain and reduce the Shiite clerical regime's influence in Arab countries.

While European countries have tried to salvage the 2015 nuclear nonproliferation agreement, Iran has increasingly distanced itself from the accord since the United States withdrew past year.

Critics of Trump have said that the waivers proved the administration saw the benefits of the deal, which sharply expanded access for worldwide inspectors.

USA waivers remain in place for other nuclear sites including Bushehr, a nuclear power plant off the Gulf coast being developed with Russian Federation under safeguards.

Pompeo said the waivers will end on December 15. "The administration should now end the waivers for the remaining projects related to the deal, especially the Arak reactor, Iran's heavy water reactor".

Britain, France, Germany and the European Union said Iran's decision was "inconsistent" with the nuclear deal.

Acting IAEA chief Cornel Feruta informed the agency's member countries that Iran's heavy-water stock had now surpassed the 130-ton limit set by the agreement.

The pact requires Iran to restrain its enrichment program in exchange for the removal of most worldwide sanctions, and it called for Fordow to be converted into a nuclear, physics and technology center.

Many in oil-producing Iran see cheap petrol as a fundamental right and the price hike sparked worries about a further squeeze on living costs, despite state assurances that the revenue raised would be put to assisting needy families.

Major roads have been blocked, banks torched and shops looted since Friday's abrupt hike in gas prices.

Pompeo further indicated that the United States wants Iran to abandon its "revolutionary" stance and "behave like a normal nation".

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