Pokemon Sword and Shield Leaks Are All Over the Internet

Yolanda Curtis
November 7, 2019

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, adhere to in individuals identical footsteps, but they step up the entertaining fact a notch or two. This only applies to certain Gigantamax Pokemon, like Butterfree, in Max Raid Battles.

Still, for those that want to be in the know when it comes to this game's new features, The Pokemon Company has released a Pokemon Sword and Shield overview trailer to get everyone up to date.

Another new feature is if you get a Pokemon from a trade and it doesn't have a nickname, you can give it a nickname, but only one time. The latest news tells us that rather than scurrying to the nearest Pokemon Center, trainers will be able to switch out their teams anywhere and everywhere.

"Sometimes, a Pokemon hatched from an Egg will know unusual moves called Egg Moves", says a statement from the Pokemon Company.

Another quality of life improvement in trailer display is that you can enter your Pokemon Box remotely.

Exp Candies will supplement the Rare Candies (instant level up): they will apply varying amount of experience to a Pokemon, allowing for potentially multiple levels to be gained at once. You can check out the trailer below which shows off these new changes. These are similar to rare sweets because they make it easier to upgrade Pokémon.

Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield which recaps everything announced so far.

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