'OK, boomer’: New Zealand lawmaker shuts down older member who mocked age

Cheryl Sanders
November 8, 2019

Or, in the case of 25-year-old politician Chlöe Swarbrick, it's something you might deploy when a heckler is teasing you about your age during your speech on climate change before the New Zealand parliament this week.

There was little reaction in parliament but she soon began trending online. However, some also wondered what she could have actually meant by "OK, Boomer".

According to Dictionary.com, "While many baby boomers were connected to youth counterculture in the 1960-70s, they have since become blamed in the 2010s by people in younger generations for many societal woes, from the high cost of college tuition to the failure to address climate change".

In internet parlance, "OK boomer" is a derogatory phrase used primarily by the next generations to show their indignation towards older people deemed indifferent to their concerns. It is available on platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

In an interview with Stuff, Swarbrick defined her use of the phrase: It's a "easy summarisation of collective exhaustion", she stated.

Needless to say, the Baby Boomers are pissed. "My generation and the generations after me do not have that luxury", she said.

"In the year 2050 I will be 56 years old. Yet right now the average age of this 52nd Parliament is 49 years old", Swarbrick said as some heckling can be heard.

Without missing a beat, Swarbick swiftly said, "OK Boomer", and continued on.

An MP in New Zealand has sparked conversation on social media by responding to an apparent heckle with the phrase "OK, boomer". But some critics see "OK boomer" as ageist.

But despite upsetting some of her colleagues, on Thursday, New Zealand lawmakers passed the Zero Carbon bill.

On the other hand, Mr. Muller wants to know how long Ms. Svobrick will remain "the power of the millennium change".

The Green Party member later took to Facebook and said that while some took offense to the retort, she simply flipped the script on the generation who some claim have been condescending to millennials.

She also wrote on Facebook that her remark was "in ideal jest" to a colleague who she said had heckled her about her own age while speaking about the impact of climate change on her generation. Then, or we just need to cheer ourselves up through our self-service, and abstain from voting on avocados.

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