No Man's Sky update 2.2 patch notes detail the Synthesis update

Yolanda Curtis
November 30, 2019

You can get your hands on the update tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In a post on the PlayStation Weblog, No Man's Sky's Ingenious Director, Sean Murray, outlined a handful of the most main aspects Synthesis will introduce. Without further ado, here are some of the most important new gameplay features that will be added in the upcoming update.

New Terrain Editing System - you can flatten or restore terrain with a simple button push, and any terrain edits made within a base are protected from regeneration.

The Synthesis Update, available today, follows the major releases of the "Foundation Update", the "Pathfinder Update", the "Atlas Rises Update", the 'No Man's Sky Next" Update, "The Abyss Update', 'Visions' update, and the 'Beyond' update - all of which have added significant features, improvements, and refinements.

First off, No Man's Sky will feature multiple Multi-Tools and a first-person exocraft that will be available to non-VR and VR players alike.

Mutiple Multi-Tools - you will be able to own more than one Multi-Tool, which can be quickly swapped via the Quick Menu. After installing a new bit of kit, you'll be able to refine materials wherever you are instead of having to place down a machine first.

More than one Outfits: set a vary of custom outfits to quick change into.

VR Photo Mode: see an awesome vista in PS VR?

New Technologies and Base Parts - triangular base building parts will be added and new technology upgrades will provide new abilities, such as long distance inventory transfers to and from freighters, mid-air jetpack recharging, and instantaneous emergency warping.

No Man's Sky players can now visit ship salvage modules at space stations and do a number of things, which, of course, includes salvaging. On the sport's official web site, patch notes for tomorrow's replace are fairly in depth. The Space Map, for example, will undergo an overhaul, making it much easier to see where to explore next.

New Base Components: sweet, triangle is healthier! Briefly, Hi there Games' ongoing toughen of No Man's Sky continues to mark.

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