James Dean ‘cast’ in new movie, 64 years after death

Carla Harmon
November 8, 2019

A CGI recreation of Dean will portray the secondary lead character "Rogan".

"I'm sure he'd be thrilled", Evans wrote sarcastically. "Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso. Or write a couple new John Lennon tunes", said Evans on Twitter.

"This is bad. the complete lack of understanding here is shameful", tweeted Avengers actor Chris Evans, while Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood added: "NOPE".

Finding Jack - a movie that made headlines Wednesday for its directors' plans to digitally recreate Hollywood icon James Dean's likeness for a co-leading role 64 years after his 1955 death at age 24- has already found controversy almost a year out from its planned theatrical release date.

Anton Ernst, who is co-directing the film, told The Hollywood Reporter they "searched high and low for the ideal character to portray the role of Rogan, which has some extreme complex character arcs, and after months of research, we decided on James Dean". Dean's family views "Finding Jack" as the the fourth movie the actor never got to make. Zelda reminded her followers of this, writing that she believes "we should let the great performers of the past rest". "It sets such an very bad precedent for the future of performance", Williams wrote on Twitter.

The original report notes that the cultural icon, who died in 1955, is going to be constructed via "full-body" CGI using archive footage and photos to recreate "a realistic version of James Dean" after acquiring the rights to use the late actor's image from his family.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Finding Jack will tell of a U.S. soldier who nurses a wounded yellow Labrador back to health while serving in Vietnam. Robin Williams's trust notably restricted the exploitation of his image for 25 years after his death, preventing a situation similar to Dean's from occurring.

Its makers hope the technology will be used to bring other deceased stars back on screen in new roles.

Avengers: Endgame actor Chris Evans, Transformers actor Elijah Wood, Julie Ann Emery of Preacher and Devon Sawa have also tweeted their respective reactions on twitter.

"Visual effects is a tool", Ernst said, pointing to movies that use digital effects to de-age actors, such asThe Irishman, or help finish a production in the case of an untimely death of a star, such as Carrie Fisher.

Pre-generation will start on November 17, 2019, with the objective of an overall discharge on Veterans Day one year from now.

Without providing specific names, Ernst shared he's received "positive feedback" on both his script and Dean's casting from those in the industry.

Mark Roesler, chairman and chief executive of CMG, defended the usage of Dean and said the company has represented his family for decades.

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