Instagram to Start Hiding 'Likes' Counter

Yolanda Curtis
November 9, 2019

As reported by WIRED, Instagram has previously tested hiding likes in several countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Brazil.

The decision to start testing this change in the U.S. was revealed by Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri during a recent interview.

At WIRED25 conference on November 8, Mosseri announced that the tests would roll out to the US next week.

Even some of the app's most prolific celebrities have said a service without likes may be healthier for its users. The change is straightforward - users will still see how many people have "liked" their posts on Instagram, but that information will no longer be made publicly available.

Say goodbye to your Instagram likes. Studies have linked social media use to an increase in depression and anxiety, and now tech companies are thinking about rolling back features that could harm a person's mental health. Twitter has a beta version of its main product that hides engagement metrics, including likes and retweets, from user replies and interactions.

Now, according to Mosseri's statements on stage, Instagram will begin rolling this "test" out to US users as early as next week.

"Heads up! We've been testing making likes private on Instagram in a number of countries this year". The company has tried for years to combat the competitive trend by promoting good role models via posts on its instagram account, hoping to reflect the parts of the app that are about creativity and art as opposed to self-promotion.

"It becomes about how you're seen and how you're taken in", she said.

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