Google Launches Standalone Android Auto App For Android 10 Users

Yolanda Curtis
November 7, 2019

Google is finally making moves to tackle the menace that is Android malware. Of course, we are talking about a TV where YouTube, Google Play Movies and other non-proprietary but compatible apps like Netflix or HBO arrive.

For those who need Android Auto and have not been able to access it since they upgraded to Android 10 or purchased an Android 10 smartphone the app is now available on the Play Store. All the results will be shared and consolidated, with the analysis results to be used for stopping bad apps from being published on the Play Store, and protect the Android app ecosystem and users from malware attacks.

"As part of this Alliance, we are integrating our Google Play Protect detection systems with each partner's scanning engines", Dave Kleidermacher, VP, Android Security & Privacy said. And this was just for September.

Over the previous handful of years, Android malware authors have also adopted to counteract and negate Bouncer and Enjoy Secure scans.

Google's plan for Android in cars is to make it completely hands-free so you're focused on driving and not tapping on your phone screen.

Google announced the new Assistant Driving Mode at Google I/O this year saying that it would take over from Android Auto on phones but unfortunately the development time has extended past the Android 10 release date deadline leaving many without a solution. The app may be nothing; however, a simple shortcut to Assistant's upcoming Driving Mode, the identical method Google Podcasts is a shortcut to podcast performance contained in the universal Google app. The majority of these apps are created to generate revenue for the bad actor (s) behind them.

The new partnership-dubbed App Defense Alliance-will allow Google to boost Play Store's safety by increasing detection efficiency by taking advantage of the increased number of scanning engines and direct communication channels with the new partners. Essentially, the app icon started to disappear from the home screen for some users, making it hard for them to access Auto.

The fact that Google sought outside reinforcements to beef up Android app security is an acknowledgment of the serious of the problem.

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