Google brings Play Points rewards program to the US

Yolanda Curtis
November 5, 2019

Google continues to push dark themes to its apps and service, a more than welcome feature that Android users have been requested for a long time. The report speaks of 14 million transactions in 110,000 unique devices, so we are talking about 127 transactions per device, something out of the ordinary in these types of applications. Mobile tech company Upstream highlighted the issue, and pointed out, rather worryingly so, that the app is still active on millions of devices even though it was removed from the Play Store in June this year.

If you are, or someone you know is, using Ai.type on their smartphone, it would be best to delete the app as soon as possible from your phone. You are now out of Google Play and from the Amazon app store, but it can still be downloaded from the App Store (there is no evidence that this version behaves in the manner described above).

Upstream blocked those transactions, but if all of them had been executed the total cost would have amounted to 18 million dollars, $ 163 per single device and just over one dollar per individual transaction. Back in September 2017, AdGuard observed the popular GO Keyboard secretly collecting the data of its more than 200 million users and then sending this information to third-party trackers and ad networks.

Upstream works with mobile operators to proactively safeguard subscribers against fraud on mobile devices through their mobile security platform Secure-D.

The Play Store offered by Google is home to numerous useful apps and fun games to play.

Researchers from Upstream began an investigation after Secure-D identified the app's suspicious behavior which spanned 13 countries but was particularly high in Egypt and Brazil. All of them were responsible for stealing sensitive data from users.

We've all heard it before, "don't download third party apps from an App Store" since majority are malware ridden. You can earn additional points by downloading a rotating list of featured apps each week, as well as taking advantage of weekly promotions.

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