Gen Pixels will get one final update in December

Yolanda Curtis
November 6, 2019

Google has today started rolling out an update that brings along a fix for the Pixel 4's 90Hz display issues. However, anyone still rocking an original Pixel unfortunately got nothing. Labelled "Smooth Display improvements", this may be a part of the patch Google discussed concerning the controversial 90 Hz display used in the Pixel 4 family of handsets.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the November patch release notes indicate there have been "Smooth Display improvements" for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Google's reasoning behind this is that because the screen doesn't have a true variable refresh rate, users could encounter flickering if the screen switched between 60Hz and 90Hz frequently. That limits how much benefit users could see from the display feature, especially since Pixel 4's limited battery life doesn't exactly encourage turning up the brightness.

The Verge reports that Google confirmed the Pixel and Pixel XL won't be getting the November update, which contains some improvements and security enhancements, but they will receive another update next month.

After the update, it seems Google is being more generous about when the Pixel 4's 90Hz screen is in full effect, which is definitely a welcome change as the Google's Smooth Display is one of the phone's best features.

Knowing Google, the company will likely include some Easter Eggs or other bonus surprises with this final December update, considering the original Google Pixel was such a landmark product for the company. Google's new astrophotography mode didn't debut with the Pixel 4, but otherwise the software backing the cameras felt complete.

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