FCC plans Huawei/ZTE ban, may require ripping out existing network gear

Andrew Cummings
November 30, 2019

Chinese language telecoms big Huawei is getting ready a authorized counterpunch in opposition to new strikes by American regulators to bar the corporate from accessing $8.5 billion in USA federal funds for companies and tools, a report stated Friday. "Instead, the FCC simply assumes, based on a mistaken view of Chinese law, that Huawei might come under Chinese government control".

Many smaller rural operators are said to have Huawei equipment already installed and won't be able to afford to replace it, despite a slush fund being made available for the objective by U.S. federal authorities - or to put it Huawei's way, the ban "will have profound negative effects on connectivity for Americans in rural and underserved areas across the United States". Huawei network equipment is used by many small and rural providers Internet.

The Chinese telecom giant Huawei reportedly is planning to take legal action against the decision by a United States telecom regulator to shut it out of the American market. The Rural Wireless Association, which represents operators with fewer than 100,000 customers estimates that the replacement of Chinese kit would cost up to 1 billion dollars; and this is just a quarter of its members. The FCC will vote on the proposal at its meeting Pai November 19, the commission said in a sheet ad and actually released yesterday.

Huawei has frequently denied any allegations that its products are a security risk, while Washington has produced no evidence of any wrongdoing. This move from the US Commerce Department saw Huawei lose Google's Android OS support.

Huawei, which has given Apple and Samsung a run for their money - especially in China, is now crafting a lawsuit that will challenge the FCC's decision, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The US government has eased its stance slightly, promising to issue licences to firms who want to sell non-sensitive goods.

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