Facebook's new logo brings its besieged family of apps together

Andrew Cummings
November 5, 2019

After all, the parent brand remains strong, despite recent troubles, and reminding consumers that Instagram etc are all Facebook companies will assist with cross-membership.

However, it turns out that Facebook's chief scientists (a marketing agency) have had the solution staring them in the face the whole time: the Facebook logo is in small letters.

Facebook will slap the new all-caps logo in a thin-lettered typeface on its subsidiaries, while its old logo will remain the identifier for the Facebook app and social network, the social media behemoth announced on Monday.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has said she wants to break up the big tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google and put them under tougher regulation. The company says you'll see the new branding in the coming weeks, including a new company website, but stopped short of providing an actual date.

The branding also appears in different colours depending on which product it represents.

"People should know which companies make the products they use", writes Antonio Lucio, Facebook's chief marketing officer. This new logo is for the company Facebook, the one that owns the Facebook app, Instagram, WhatsApp, and multiple other properties. The logo is simply the words "Facebook" in a custom typeface that is "designed for clarity" and for creating a "visual distinction between the company and app".

Since its start as a social networking application 15 years ago, Facebook has acquired Oculus virtual reality gear company as well as an Instagram image-based social network.

"Today, we're updating our company branding to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook".

The social media giant offers services like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal, and Calibra.

Instead, the company chose to be more transparent and play on the good reputation of its other apps to feed back into Facebook, even if some may discover the connection and run the other way.

Also, Facebook has been steadily increasing its control over WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook is also the subject of multiple antitrust investigations in the U.S. and has been hit with penalties in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russian Federation for various legal violations.

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