Eric Swalwell Says He Didn't Fart On MSNBC

Cheryl Sanders
November 19, 2019

Throughout Monday's episode of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, Swalwell, 39, appeared on the political evaluation present to debate whether or not President Donald Trump had used taxpayer to cheat within the election.

Swalwell was ecstatic, quickly using the network's cover as what he described as "TOTAL EXONERATION!" - very Trump-like, right?!

"Chris, so far the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to help him cheat..." he said, before the erroneous noise was heard.

"Eric Swalwell finally passed something in the halls of Congress." another person joked.

And at least one person inquired whether this "who farted?" mystery requires the investigative skills of Robert Mueller.

"No way he farted so incredibly loud on camera", someone else said.

"It was 100% Chris Matthews", wrote one individual.

In a text message to a BuzzFeed reporter, Swalwell denied it, but does that mean he supplied it? "And I did not hear it when I modified into talking".

As someone with a Jewish father and, therefore, a relatively high fart IQ, let me tell you: that was no mug on a desk.

He later conceded that "it's amusing tho".

Amusing enough, the official "Hardball" account excused the noise away as someone dragging a coffee mug across a table in the studio - which just happened to get picked up on a mic.

The show later tried to explain the sound on Twitter saying it was all a "mug scraping across the desk".

So much for the "Hardball" plea for the American public to "get back to the news".

Followers didn't exactly believe the explanation, calling them "liars" and reacting with sarcastic gifs.

During the interview, Swalwell's speech was suddenly interrupted by a loud noise which resembled farting, leading many social media users to suspect that he was the perpetrator and spawning new viral hashtag, #fartgate.

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