Elon Musk Reveals Futuristic Tesla Cybertruck With Impressive Specs

Andrew Cummings
November 28, 2019

Sadly, they don't offer much protection from small steel balls thrown at them by Tesla executives.

CEO Elon Musk unveiled the $39,900 truck in Los Angeles on Thursday, and got lead designer Franz von Holzhausen to test the left-side windows by throwing a silver metal ball at them.

So von Holzhausen tried a second, softer throw - this time targeting the truck's rear window - only to see that shatter as well.

An ATV is a very different kind of vehicle - designed more for utility and recreation than for road use, but it'll be interesting to see what kind of consumer launch Tesla has in mind for such a vehicle.

The big reveal of Tesla's electric pick-up went embarrassingly wrong when the supposedly impact-proof windows smashed, leaving a flustered Elon Musk to flounder through the rest of his presentation in front of a badly damaged vehicle.

An expletive could be heard at the Tesla Design Center and as his assistant laughed nervously, Musk said: "Well, maybe that was a little too hard". Undeterred, he asked von Holzhausen to do it again to the rear door window, which had the exact same result.

The crowd gasped. "Oh my f--ing god", said Musk.

Audience members and social media users cracked up at the embarrassing setback, which happened during an otherwise triumphant unveiling ceremony.

The glass broke once more.

Earlier in the ceremony, Musk said he expects his Cybertruck to challenge the Ford F-150, the United States' top-selling pickup, with its power and durability.

If it weren't for the massive wheels, one would swear that the Tesla Cybertruck is a flying vehicle that Sci-Fi movies have been promising us for years. The more expensive model will go for $69,900 and is expected to have a range of more than 800 kilometres.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the base model of Cybertruck will be priced at just under $ 40,000. The vehicle ultimately bankrupted Homer's brother's company.

"Not bad", Musk summed up that portion of the night, adding, "Room for improvement".

"We need sustainable energy now".

Pickup trucks are now the fastest-growing segment in the US. "To solve sustainable energy, we have to have a pickup truck".

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