Election Day, locally and overseas, a win for Dems

Henrietta Brewer
November 10, 2019

Politico says the outcome "could represent an embarrassing moment for the president, who touted his strong record in rallies held the night before elections and predicted that the media would blame him if Bevin lost". "You can't let that happen to me". Trump rallied in Kentucky on behalf of Bevin leading up to this week's election, and if Bevin loses the race, it will be another loss for a Trump-endorsed candidate. Bevin requested an official recanvass of the results, alleging voting irregularities.

Speaking at an afternoon news conference, Bevan said, "We want this process to move forward expeditiously".

Despite Bevin's refusal to concede, that defeat did indeed happen to the scandal-engulfed president. In particular, Bevin got into battles with the state's teachers, a popular constituency that Beshear eagerly embraced.

During Trump's first term as president, he has endorsed multiple candidates who have won elections, and others who have lost their elections. Beshear - the son of Kentucky's last Democratic governor, Steve Beshear -named his top deputy in the attorney general's office, J. Michael Brown, to lead his transition team.

Bevin had tied himself to Trump, speaking out about impeachment and clearly trying to make the election about more than just Kentucky issues. On Tuesday, Beshear not only carried the county easily, he almost doubled the number of Democratic votes there, compared to the Democratic nominee of four years ago. "The increase in Governors race was at least 15 points, and maybe 20!"

Once in office, Bevin governed a lot like Trump, as well. "As has been reported, a recanvassing has never changed the result of a Kentucky election".

The Republicans brought in their big gun. As some recent polls show, Trump still has a path to an Electoral College victory and presidential re-election in 2020, but it is highly doubtful that course will run through Virginia.

In Virginia, Democrats captured total control of state government for the first time in a generation, flipping both chambers of the legislature on the strength of wins in the rapidly growing and diversifying suburbs of northern Virginia and the capital of Richmond.

Beshear won the two big suburban/metropolitan counties decisively.

Bevin's second-place position also suggests there may be limits to Trump's typically uncanny ability to turn out his base for a candidate.

For the first time in almost a quarter-century, Democrats hold all levers of power in Virginia.

One Democrat running for president, Sen. Democrats now control all statewide executive offices, from Governor Ralph Northam on down, as well as both houses of the legislature, giving them full responsibility for the right-wing policies that will be carried out in relation to health care, public education, and the build-up of the police and other repressive forces. Just last weekend Vice President Pence and former Vice President Joe Biden held events in the state for their respective parties.

Democrats exceeded expectations there in 2017 state polls as the so-called "Resistance" sought to respond to Mr Trump's shock 2016 victory.

"If he (Bevin) chooses to file a formal election contest, the House Majority Caucus will handle the matter in a legal, ethical, and appropriate manner that fulfills the requirements set forth by the Kentucky Constitution, statute and rules of the House", House Speaker David Osborne said in a statement Thursday.

A mobile billboard urges voters to cast ballots for Democrats outside Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia, Nov. 5, 2019.

Trump may depend on MS, where he also campaigned in the final stretch before Election Day, for something to crow about.

The GOP strategist also said he believes the election showed that impeachment is backfiring on Democrats.

Democrats will now be able to draw legislative district lines for the coming decade that consolidate their power, and pass new gun-control restrictions and minimum-wage laws. And the third time that Democrats have fared better than Republicans, often wildly better.

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