Donald Trump Jr., Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Clash On The View

Carla Harmon
November 8, 2019

The strategy was familiar, as was the name.

During Thursday's broadcast, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle's appearance on The View got predictably heated.

The president's son allowed that tweeting out the name was maybe imprudent, but he argued it was necessary to defend his father.

During the show, Meghan McCain, a co-host on The View and the daughter of late Arizona Sen.

Trump Jr. insisted that was not accurate, but Hostin wouldn't give an inch. The interview unravelled into chaos several times, when the group was talking over each other, prompting co-host Whoopi Goldberg to step in and break up the conversation. Neither side was particularly successful.

On Monday, President Trump tweeted, urging his followers to "Go order" Don Jr.'s book.

The couple was on the show to promote Trump's book, Triggered, and discussed the fact that he outed the alleged whistleblower whose complaint jump-started the impeachment inquiry against his dad, President Donald Trump.

Trump Jr. said it depended on the hat he was wearing and that life as a father has not been easy for him either. "Including the Khan spouse and children, who is a Gold Star spouse and children that I consider should really be highly regarded for the reduction of their son". She asked if the president might apologize. "You and your family have hurt a lot of persons and set a great deal of men and women as a result of a large amount of discomfort".

"He has a lot of care for those people, but he's under constant attack", Don Jr. responded.

And for a minute, Trump Jr. was caught off guard by McCain's very apparent struggle to hide her own pain.

"I think she didn't appreciate that your father attacked her father", Sunny tells Donald Jr. In a loose setting like "The View", which is neither light morning fare nor hard-line politics, that ache was palpable.

Trump Jr.: This is not the fight I wanted. I asked a coworker the same question. And the result is raw moments that are as authentic as they are viral.

Joy Behar appeared to relish the opportunity of battling it out with a Trump.

"That exactly what that means", replied Gabbard. "I understand that and I'm sorry about that and they did have differences", he said.

"I don't know what you're talking about", the woman told Goldberg, per THR.

Also this week, actress/environmental activist Jane Fonda spoke about her recent arrests during protests to spur action on global warming.

Trump Jr. has also been fervent on the campaign trail, traveling around the country to stump for Republicans who are seeking seats.

Trump isn't a bully, by his son's logic, but the victim of a pack of bullies: the vicious liberal media, PC culture and of course, the Democrats. I did. But let's not make it worse.

'In this instance, our employee made a mistake. This is part of being president.

As with our own kitchen tables - and in contrast to any number of ideologically siloed cable news programs - the range of political opinions on "The View", along with the sense of familiarity its format breeds, creates a dynamic back-and-forth that's rare on TV these days.

Trump Jr.: No but you're questioning my father's character.

"We don't know it happened to you", Goldberg shot back. Thursday's in-studio guests were even more vocal. I'm more flabbergasted by her willingness to pull this photo out and proudly show the world as if it's totally cool in the year 2016.

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