David Einhorn Takes Musk Up on Offer to Tour Tesla Facilities

Andrew Cummings
November 9, 2019

In a shareholder letter last week, Einhorn-who has long bet against Tesla (TSLA) stock-said of the automaker that the "accepted reality appears to be that Elon Musk is above the law".

Musk resolved Einhorn as "Mr. Unicorn", and went on to chide Einhorn for what Musk referred to as "numerous wrong allegations" from Tesla that Greenlight designed in its most-modern letter to its investors.

"It is miles understandable that you draw shut to effect face with your investors, given the losses you suffered from Tesla's a hit third quarter, especially as a result of you'd additionally honest comprise had several down years in efficiency and a animated tumble in assets below management from $15 billion to $5 billion", Musk wrote.

"Indirectly, please allow us to send you a petite reward of short shorts to let you by this advanced time", Musk acknowledged, signing off as "Treelon Musk".

But Musk also invited Einhorn to tour the Tesla factory and learn more about the company, adding "I'm certain your investors would appreciate you getting smart on Tesla".

Einhorn responded with his own snide letter on Twitter, challenging the billionaire entrepreneur to prove one false statement, so that Greenlight could correct them.

For years, Einhorn has decried Musk's controversial leadership style and called for him to be ousted from the CEO seat at Tesla.

However, short sellers may be "burned" if the anticipated drop in share value never materialises.

Einhorn defended his bet against Tesla, and hit back at Musk for "narrowly averting crisis after crisis", while outlining several questions about the vehicle maker's deliveries and receivables.

Einhorn replied on Twitter at the time with a sarcastic thank you, ' and "they did come with some manufacturing defects".

'We both struggled a year ago.

When Einhorn set out Greenlight's quarterly report, he stated that Tesla's effects has experienced a negative impact on Greenlight's returns, but he also took his individual shots at Musk, saying the Tesla boss "knowingly orchestrated a sizeable fraud" about Tesla's acquisition of photo voltaic-panel technological innovation corporation SolarCity.

"I think some facility visits would be fun (can we start in Buffalo?)", Einhorn wrote in response.

The company plans to make a "couple hundred thousand cars per year" in China, Tesla said. The carmaker, on the opposite hand, effect some concerns to relaxation after delivering a surprise income in its third quarter.

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