Burger King Lawsuit: Why Are Vegans Suing Over Its Meatless Impossible Whoppers?

Andrew Cummings
November 19, 2019

The class-action lawsuit was filed by Philip Williams on Monday, alleging that Burger King advertises the Impossible Whopper as a meatless alternative for vegans, but they are contaminated with meat by-products by the grill the company uses to cook its meat products, TMZ reported.

The vegan Impossible Burger isn't vegan enough at Burger King.

The suit claims that the Atlanta restaurant has no disclosures on its menu alerting consumers of potential meat residue being cooked onto the Impossible Burger, and Williams said there have been other complaints posted online about the patties.

A group of vegans is claiming it's impossible to have it their way at Burger King.

The suit seek damages for all USA purchasers of the Impossible Whooper and an injunction that would require the burger giant to disclose that the plant-based burgers are cooked on the same grills as beef and chicken.

As a result, Williams is seeking an unspecified amount of compensation in damages, and is also urging Burger King to stop cooking the Impossible Burgers on standard grills altogether.

Burger King has shared that vegan or vegetarian guests can request their patties be prepared in an oven instead of in the broiler.

The case is Williams v Burger King Corp, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, No. 19-24755.

One former employee said that the restaurant production line means that "veggie burgers get soaked in meat juices". The market for products like Impossible Meat's is expected to top $100 billion in 15 years, according to JPMorgan Chase. The plaintiff claims he would not have paid a premium price for the burger if he knew it was cooked on the same grill as meat patties.

Burger King responded by assuring they would not be changing the ways it plans to cook the burgers.

The outlet reported that data from the NPD Group showed that 95% of plant-based burger buyers have also bought a beef burger within the previous year.

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