Amazon launches medication management features for Alexa

Henrietta Brewer
November 27, 2019

"We're excited to introduce two new Alexa capabilities that will help create a more natural and intuitive voice experience for your customers".

Amazon is making it easier for hardware makers to add Alexa to their products by lowering the requirements and enabling devices with very low-powered chips and just 1MB of RAM to run Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon will be rolling out a medication management feature for millions of Alexa owners as the e-commerce giant continues to expand its footprint in the healthcare market.

At the time, the retail giant suggested that Alexa voice assistant would come to even more devices. This new feature will allow customers to set medication reminders by using their pharmacy prescription information, and to request prescription refills.

Amazon on Monday announced Alexa Voice Service Integration, a new service of AWS IoT Core that enables the intelligent voice application to be produced on any type of connected device, like light switches, thermostats and small appliances.

Everything seems to add to an Amazon health care master plan, which does not come without privacy concerns, and especially in the last scenario, which effectively sees Alexa listening to information as confidential as our medical details. The emotional responses use a technology referred to as Neural Text-to-Speech, which converts written text into synthesized speech and shifts in temp, pitch and volume. But it is very likely that they will reach other languages too. Alexa will first recognize customers by their voice, then ask for the personal passcode they created during the set-up process. Starting today, users can enable two speaking styles in the U.S.: news and music.

For now, these new features are only available in English. Unfortunately, Amazon has not chosen to make that choice yet.

"This new technology is just the beginning, as we continue to identify straightforward and easy-to-use pharmacy tasks that voice-powered devices can perform in the real world to keep the patient at the center of care and streamline pharmacy workflow", Sanchez said.

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